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Academic Staff College

The UGC-Academic Staff College was established in the year 1987 with cent percent financial assistance from the University Grants Commission. For the last 25 years it has conducted 95 Orientation Programmes for the benefit of nearly 3,400 teachers.  It has also conducted 238 Refresher Courses in various branches of Science, Arts, Social Sciences, Commerce, Languages, etc.,   for the benefit of about 7000 teachers.Put together, so far, about 10,000 College and University Teachers underwent training in our Academic Staff College

Moreover, 40 other Special Programmes/Workshops were also conducted by the Academic Staff College . This includes the Computer Training and Training on Functional English to the Administrative Staff of this University and Training for Librarians. It has also conducted the Orientation Courses for the Engineering College teachers with financial assistance from AICTE. In addition to this, utilizing funds from the UGC and other sources, the Academic Staff College also conducted Seminars for the benefit of College Principals, Educational Policy Makers, etc. Catering to the needs of teachers and administrators from different parts of India. It has also conducted two Workshops for Research Guides benefit about 150 Research Supervisors. The Academic Staff College , first time in TamilNadu has organized two 21 days Interaction Programme for Ph.D. Students for the benefit of about 150 Ph.D. Scholars. The Academic Staff College also conducted a 28 days Orientation Course for about 250 newly recruited Government College Teachers of Tamilnadu,  during Jan 2008 sponsored by the TANSCHE. Thus, the Academic Staff College, Bharathiar University has distinguished itself with excellent performance.

In the academic year 2008-2009, the UGC-Academic Staff College of Bharathiar University achieved the distinction of conducting all the programmes sanctioned by the UGC for the year.

The UGC-Academic Staff College of the Bharathiar University aims at maintaining the top most status at the National level, not only in terms of number of programmes organized but also in terms of quality, variety, usability, viability, etc. To accomplish this task, training in Inflibnet-Infonet, EDUSAT exposure, e-learning and e-content development are provided to the participants. Course Materials to the participants are given in the form of CD in addition to Xerox copies of Lecture materials and also hosted in our website.

List of Dignitaries visited and addressed the participants of
Academic Staff College during 2008-09

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